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API configuration

API access is managed through the use of an API Key. This key determines which services can be utilized and the permitted access locations.

To add a new API Key, follow these steps in the Merchant Administration System:

  1. Access the system and navigate to the 'API' menu.
  2. Select the 'Add new entry' option to create a new key.

Once the key is created, you can configure the available services associated with it. Additionally, you have the option to restrict access to specific IP addresses.

While it's possible to configure a key for unrestricted access, it is strongly recommended to set IP address limitations. The IP addresses specified should correspond to the servers that require API access. Multiple IP addresses can be provided by separating them with commas. Please note that the IP details provided must be publicly routable IP addresses, as requests are made over the internet. Internal or private IP space cannot be used.