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The Telr iOS SDK requires Xcode 11 or later and is compatible with apps targeting iOS 9 or above. We support Catalyst on macOS 10.15 or later.

Download the SDK library & demo

You can download our SDKs from

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run thepod install from the Example directory first.


Telr SDK is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod '<<company_name>>SDK', "2.9.1"

Make sure you import the SDK where you won't use it using the below code

import <<company_name>>SDK

Use this to set the details of the store. Make sure you are using your store details

let tabbyKEY:String = "pk_test_d878b6de-9f6f-4c2c-bc8c-fde1b249b9c4"

let KEY:String = "testkey" // TODO fill key
let STOREID:String = "12345"  // TODO fill store id
let EMAIL:String = "[email protected]" // TODO fill email id

To call the payment page you can use either of the two methods

//Mark:-If you want to change the back button as custom back button on navigation
let customBackButton = UIButton(type: .custom)
customBackButton.setTitle("Back", for: .normal)
customBackButton.setTitleColor(.black, for: .normal)

//Mark:-Use this to push the telr payment page.
paymentRequest = preparePaymentRequest()
let telrController = telrController()
telrController.delegate = self
telrController.customBackButton = customBackButton
telrController.paymentRequest = paymentRequest!
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(telrController, animated: true)

//Mark:-Use this to present the telr payment page.
paymentRequest = preparePaymentRequestSaveCard(lastresponse: cardDetails)
let telrController = TelrController()
telrController.delegate = self
telrController.paymentRequest = paymentRequest!
let nav = UINavigationController(rootViewController: telrController)
self.navigationController?.present(nav, animated: true, completion: nil)

Delegate method for getting a response from the payment gateway

//Mark:-This call when the payment is cancelled by user
func didPaymentCancel()
//Mark:-This call when the payment is successful.
func didPaymentSuccess(response:TelrResponseModel)
//Mark:-This call when the payment is declined due to any reason.
func didPaymentFail(messge:String)

Also, confirm the delegate methods

extension ViewController:TelrControllerDelegate{
    //Mark:- This method will be called when user clicks on back button
    func didPaymentCancel() {
    //Mark:- This method will be called when the payment is completed successfully
    func didPaymentSuccess(response: TelrResponseModel) {
        print("month \(String(describing: response.month))")
        print("year \(String(describing: response.year))")
        print("Trace \(String(describing: response.trace))")
        print("Status \(String(describing: response.status))")
        print("Avs \(String(describing: response.avs))")
        print("Code \(String(describing: response.code))")
        print("Ca_valid \(String(describing: response.ca_valid))")
        print("Card Code \(String(describing: response.cardCode))")
        print("Card Last4 \(String(describing: response.cardLast4))")
        print("CVV \(String(describing: response.cvv))")
        print("TransRef \(String(describing: response.transRef))")
        //To save the card for future transactions, you will be required to store tranRef. 
        //When the customer will be attempting transaction using the previously used card tranRef will be used
    //Mark:- This method will be called when user clicks on cancel button and the
    payment gets failed
    func didPaymentFail(messge: String) {
        print("didPaymentFail  \(messge)")

Saved cards

It works locally using user default. Masked Card details will be deleted when app is deleted.

//Mark:- This returns masked card details of saved card.
let savedCard = TelrResponseModel().getSavedCards()

To use a Saved Card without CVV, please use the below code while binding the payment request

//Mark:- Set type as ‘sale’, class as ‘cont’ and send previous transaction reference in ‘ref’ parameter

paymentReq.transType = "sale"
paymentReq.transClass = "cont"
paymentReq.transRef = lastresponse.transRef ?? ""

To use Saved Card with CVV, please use below code while binding the payment request

//Mark:- Set type as ‘paypage’ and class as ‘ecom’ and send previous transaction reference in ‘firstref’ parameter

paymentReq.transType = "paypage"
paymentReq.transClass = "ecom"
paymentReq.transFirstRef = lastresponse.transFirstRef ?? ""

Payment request builder for both saved card and new card

//Mark:- Payment Request Builder
extension ViewController{
    private func preparePaymentRequest() -> PaymentRequest{
        let paymentReq = PaymentRequest()
        paymentReq.key = KEY
        paymentReq.appId = "123456789"
        paymentReq.appName = "TelrSDK"
        paymentReq.appUser = "123456"
        paymentReq.appVersion = "0.0.1"
        paymentReq.transTest = "1"//0
        paymentReq.transType = "paypage"
        paymentReq.transClass = "ecom"
        paymentReq.transCartid = String(arc4random())
        paymentReq.transDesc = "Test API"
        paymentReq.transCurrency = "AED"
        paymentReq.transAmount = amountTxt.text!
        paymentReq.billingEmail = EMAIL
        paymentReq.billingPhone = "8888888888"
        paymentReq.billingFName = self.firstNameTxt.text!
        paymentReq.billingLName = self.lastNameTxt.text!
        paymentReq.billingTitle = "Mr"
    = "Dubai"
    = "AE"
        paymentReq.region = "Dubai"
        paymentReq.address = "line 1"
        = "414202"
        paymentReq.language = "en"
        return paymentReq

    private func preparePaymentRequestSaveCard(lastresponse:TelrResponseModel) -> PaymentRequest{

        let paymentReq = PaymentRequest()
        paymentReq.key = lastresponse.key ?? ""
     = ?? ""
        paymentReq.appId = lastresponse.appId ?? ""
        paymentReq.appName = lastresponse.appName ?? ""
        paymentReq.appUser = lastresponse.appUser ?? ""
        paymentReq.appVersion = lastresponse.appVersion ?? ""
        paymentReq.transTest = lastresponse.transTest ?? ""
//        //Mark:- Without CVV
//        paymentReq.transType = "sale"
//        paymentReq.transClass = "cont"
//        paymentReq.transRef = lastresponse.transRef ?? ""
        //Mark:- With CVV

        paymentReq.transType = "paypage"

        paymentReq.transClass = "ecom"
        paymentReq.transFirstRef = lastresponse.transFirstRef ?? ""
        paymentReq.transCartid = String(arc4random())
        paymentReq.transDesc = lastresponse.transDesc ?? ""
        paymentReq.transCurrency = lastresponse.transCurrency ?? ""
        paymentReq.billingFName = lastresponse.billingFName ?? ""
        paymentReq.billingLName = lastresponse.billingLName ?? ""
        paymentReq.billingTitle = lastresponse.billingTitle ?? ""
     = ?? ""
     = ?? ""
        paymentReq.region = lastresponse.region ?? ""
        paymentReq.address = lastresponse.address ?? ""
        = ?? ""
        paymentReq.transAmount = amountTxt.text!
        paymentReq.billingEmail = lastresponse.billingEmail ?? ""
        paymentReq.billingPhone = lastresponse.billingPhone ?? ""
        paymentReq.language = "en"
        return paymentReq


Authorisation response

statusAuthorization status. A indicates an authorised transaction. H also indicates an authorised transaction, but where the transaction has been placed on hold. Any other value indicates that the request could not be processed.
codeIf the transaction was authorised, this contains the authorisation code from the card issuer. Otherwise it contains a code indicating why the transaction could not be processed.
messageThe authorisation or processing error message.
tranrefThe payment gateway transaction reference allocated to this request.
cvvResult of the CVV check: Y = CVV matched OK N = CVV not matched X = CVV not checked E = Error, unable to check CVV
avsResult of the AVS check: Y = AVS matched OK P = Partial match (for example, post-code only) N = AVS not matched X = AVS not checked E = Error, unable to check AVS
cardcodeCode to indicate the card type used in the transaction. See the code list at the end of the document for a list of card codes.
cardlast4The last 4 digits of the card number used in the transaction. This is supplied for all payment types (including the Hosted Payment Page method) except for PayPal.