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Transaction detail on Return URL

During the order creation process, three return URLs are specified, which serve the purpose of redirection once the transaction has been successfully completed. These URLs are instrumental in transmitting a set of transaction-related variables during the redirection phase.

Please be aware that the configuration to transmit this variable list is optional and currently deactivated by default. If you wish to enable this option, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

The following variables are included in the return URL during the redirection process:

  • amount: Represents the transaction amount.
  • CN: Refers to the customer's name.
  • currency: Denotes the transaction currency.
  • PAYID: Corresponds to the transaction reference.
  • STATUS: Reflects the transaction status. ('9'= Authorised, '5'= On-Hold, '1'= Cancelled, '2'= Declined or Error)
  • OrderRef: Signifies the order reference.
  • ACCEPTANCE: Authorisation code
  • BRAND: Card type
  • CARDNO: Card number used for making the payment
  • ED: Card Expiry Date
  • PM: Payment Method
  • NCERROR: This parameter will be only passed for 'Authorised' and 'On-Hold' transaction with the value '0'

Here's an example response where these variables are incorporated into the return URL:¤cy=AED&PAYID=000000000000&STATUS=2&OrderRef=449141035adD8DC13C2AFF39E899101F494546FBA43831A2A5367162F8282AF4

This setup allows for the smooth processing of transactions, and it provides essential transaction details to the receiving end, typically a merchant's website for further processing and order status updates.