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WHMCS Extension allows merchants using the WHMCS platform to integrate Telr Hosted Payment Pages into their websites. Below are the steps for merchants to enable Telr on their WHMCS-hosted websites:


The extension has undergone testing with WHMCS 8.X.


Telr WHMCS extension is available for download via the following link:

Process to Enable Telr Payment Gateway:

  1. Install the custom add-on module on the WHMCS Admin Portal. It is strongly advised to take a backup of your system before installing the extension.
  2. Download the package and extract the files. Copy the "modules" folder to the root directory of your WHMCS site.
  3. Log in to the WHMCS administration system. From the top menu, select "Addons" > "Apps & Integrations" and then click on it.
  4. Once in the Apps & Integrations section, click on "Browse" and then navigate to "Payments."
  5. In the search apps input box, search for "TELR Payment."
  6. Once you locate "TELR Payment," click on it, and then click on the "Activate" button to enable the integration.

Configuring WHMCS:

Enter your Telr Store ID and Authentication key. If you're in test mode, select the "Test Mode" option. For refund functionality, input the Telr Remote Authentication key. To display the payment option on the checkout page, check the "Show on Order Form" option.

Your Telr Store ID is located in the top right corner of the Telr Merchant Administration System. Copy only the numeric part of the ID, excluding the full store name. The authentication key can be found in the Telr Merchant Administration System, specifically in the Hosted Payment Page V2 configuration page under the Integrations menu.

In the Configuration Tab, you have the option to set the payment language. This is an optional field.

IP Whitelisting for Live Transactions:

Before processing live transactions, ensure that the IP of your server system are updated into the Payment Page V2 configuration in the Telr Merchant Administration System.