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Authorisation responses

ASet by issuerAuthorised
HSet by issuer"Authorised but placed on hold. Manual inspection required"
E1Invalid request
E2Transaction cost or currency not supplied
E3Cart ID not set
E4Invalid store ID
E5Transaction cost or currency not valid
E6Invalid transaction mode
E7Card expiry not supplied
E10Card number not supplied
E11Invalid card number
E12Card expired
E14Card type mismatch
E15Invalid card security code (CVV)
E16Card security code (CVV) not supplied
E17Name not valid/not supplied
E18Address not valid/not supplied
E19Country not valid/not supplied
E20IP address not valid/not supplied
E21Card/Currency/Class combination not supported
E22Invalid transaction reference
E23Amount differs from original
E24Currency differs from original
E25Original transaction not authorised
E26Original transaction already voided
E27Original transaction mismatch
E28Invalid start date
E29Amount greater than available balance
E30Card details differ from original
D31Not authorised
D32Original transaction cannot be voided
C33Transaction cancelled
D34No response
E35Unable to refund
E36Previous transaction is on hold
D37Blocked by acquirer
E38Invalid expiry date
E39Invalid expiry date
E40Invalid transaction type
D41Insufficient funds
D42Card security code (CVV) mismatch
E43Email not valid/not supplied
E44Phone number not valid/not supplied
E45Transaction mode differs from original
D463DSecure authentication not available for this card
D473DSecure authentication rejected
E48Description not set
D49Sold out
E50Card is for ATM use only
D51Transaction part 1 not authorised
D52Transaction part 2 not authorised
X53Authorisation expired
E54Transaction part not specified
E55Unable to access transaction part
E56Duplicate transaction
D57Continuous authority not available on referenced transaction
E58Error connecting to service provider
E59Request aborted
E60Verification failed
D61Not authorised
D62Not authorised
D63Address verification (AVS) mismatch
D64Card security code (CVV) and address (AVS) mismatch
D65Card is not enabled for e-commerce
D66Card cancelled
D67Transaction not permitted by issuer
D68No suitable account
D80Not authorised. Card Filter module. Message text can be changed
D90Not authorised
D91Not authorised
D92Not authorised
D93Card limits exceeded
D94Not authorised
D95Not authorised
D96Not authorised
E98Internal system error
E99Unknown error

Response code 01 (Invalid Request)

This data is not used as part of the transaction processing, but a record of the data is kept with the transaction. This can be of use should a customer dispute a transaction, providing additional details of where the device was when the transaction was processed.

There are many possible causes of the ‘Invalid Request’ response. In order to help maintain system security the exact cause is not contained with the response. For example the reason could be that the request has been received from an un-authorised IP address, or that the password used is not correct. This information is not divulged as part of the response data, you will need to view the exception report to see the full details.

A common cause of this error is attempting to use the mobile API without first requesting that it is added to your account. You must first request that the mobile API is added to your account before you start to use it – this is not enabled by default. As part of the activation process you will be supplied with the authentication key.

The results will show the order status, and if applicable the transaction status. Order status codes are as follows:

Order StatusDescription
2Authorised (Transaction not captured, such as an AUTH transaction or a SALE transaction, which has been placed on hold)
3Paid (Transaction captured, SALE transaction, not placed on hold)