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How it works

The Hosted Payment Page service allows your website with its own shopping system to work in conjunction with our payment service. This integration method uses HTTP request from your systems to the gateway to send the transaction details and obtain the appropriate URL to direct the customer to in order to complete the purchase.

  1. When a shopper is ready to pay for their goods, your server should generate a request to the gateway transmitting the details of the purchase. The response to this request contains an order reference and the URL for completing the transaction.
  2. Your systems direct the shopper to the hosted payment pages using the transaction URL provided. Here they enter their payment details, such as credit/debit card details. Your website does not gather card details from the shopper – we do this in our payment pages.
  3. We forward the shopper’s details to the bank, where the shopper’s credit worthiness is checked. The bank returns an authorised or declined response to us. The shopper is then returned to your site, and you can use the order reference obtained in step 1 to query the results of the transaction.

The pages displayed by the Hosted Payment Page service can be customised to suit your website style and presentation.

Request response

The response from the transaction request will contain an order reference and a transaction URL if the request was accepted, otherwise it will contain an error block.

Order created

  "method": "create",
  "order": {
    "ref": "OrderRef",
    "url": "https://<<base_url>>/gateway/process.html?o=OrderRef"


  "method": "create",  
  "error": {
    "message":"E56:Duplicate transaction",
    "note":"Cart ID must be unique"  

If the request has been accepted, then your systems should store the order reference provided (as this will be needed to query the order status later) and then direct the customer to the given URL. This can be done using a Location: redirect, as a link or as a form. It can use either the GET or POST method.

The created order reference is only valid for a short time, you should direct the customer to the given URL as soon as possible after creating the reference