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Below table describes the fields in the response message.

statusAuthorisation status. A indicates an authorised transaction. Any other value indicates that the request could not be processed.
code"If the transaction was authorised this contains the authorisation code from" the card issuer. Otherwise it contains a code indicating why the transaction could not be processed.
messageThe authorisation or processing error message.
tranrefThe payment gateway transaction reference allocated to this request.
cvvResult of the CVV check:
Y = CVV matched OK
N = CVV not matched
X = CVV not checked
"E = Error unable to check CVV"
avsResult of the AVS check:
Y = AVS matched OK
"P = Partial match (for example post-code only)"
N = AVS not matched
X = AVS not checked
"E = Error unable to check AVS"

The AVS check is currently only available for cards issued in the United Kingdom, United States of America or Canada.

Sample response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>