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ZOHO Integration Guide

Please find below the steps to integrate Telr with ZOHO Apps:

  1. To install different ZOHO apps like Book's, Inventory, Billing etc from the ZOHO public market place, please access the below link and install.
  1. You must complete the installation and proceed to ZOHO (Book's, invoice, Billing, Checkout, Inventory) settings page.
  2. Select “Online Payments” Tab from settings page and Click “Set up Now” for Telr as shown in the below image.
  1. After clicking on Set Up now, a popup page will be displayed to provide storeid and authkey:
  1. Merchant must provide their Telr Store ID in “storeid” and Authentication key, which they can find in Telr Merchant dashboard.
  2. Merchant will get the Store ID and Authentication Key on the below path.

Merchant dashboard > Integrations > Payment Page V2 > Configuration.

  1. Click save after providing the Store ID and Authentication Key on Configure Gateway page and Telr payment option will be configured and “ACTIVE” in “Online Payments”.
    1. For Zoho books, Inventory, Invoice “Telr” must be selected in the online payment option. For example, whenever an invoice/subscription is generated to receive the payments online we must select “Telr” (refer below screen shot).

    1. For Zoho Checkout, Billing & Commerce, “Telr” option will mentioned in hosted payment page of Zoho as below -