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Card Change in Repeat Billing Agreement

New feature for changing customer card details in ‘Repeat Billing Agreement’ has been made live on production. You can find below the detailed information for changing card details on Repeat Billing Agreement.

  1. Initiate a ‘Sale’ transaction on your store through any mode (API, Quicklink, Invoice), the payment should be made by using the card that need to be updated in the agreement for all future repeat agreement payments.
  2. Once the transaction is completed and authorized, copy the transaction reference number of that transaction and paste it in the ‘Transaction ID’ tab under ‘Change details’ in the agreement and click on ‘change’. Refer below process for your reference
  • Login Telr Admin and go to ‘Repeat billing’
  • Under repeat billing, search the agreement in which the card need to be replaced
  • Open the agreement and click on ‘Change details’
  • After clicking on Change detail, agreement details screen will popup. Their you need to update the new transaction reference number in the ‘Transaction ID’ tab and click on change
  • Once new transaction detail is updated, it will be updated as initial transaction in the ‘Agreement History’
  1. After new transaction reference is updated in the agreements ‘change details’ tab, all the subsequent future recurring payment on that agreement will be charged from the card used in the new transaction.
  2. All the recurring payment from the new card will be updated under agreement history tab in the same agreement