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Telr's ApplePay account - Configuration 2

For merchants who do not have an Apple Developer Account, Telr offers an alternative configuration using Telr's own Apple Pay credentials. This configuration is suitable for merchants who prefer a simplified setup process without the need to manage their own Apple Developer Account.

ApplePay Payment Option for Merchant without Apple ID

This configuration is required when the merchant uses the full-page display of Telr payment page, where the request contains ivp_framed=0 (or no value set).

Apple Developer Account Configuration

For this integration, Telr will utilize its dedicated Apple Pay ID along with the corresponding key and certificate.

ApplePay in Invoice and Quicklink

We can enable Apple Pay for Invoice and Quicklink payment collection without a Merchant Apple ID.

Apple Developer Account Configuration

Telr will use its own Apple Pay ID, key, and certificate in this process.

Invoice Creation

ApplePay will be available by default as a payment option for Quickllinks and invoices if Apple Pay is enabled with Configuration 2.