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These configuration steps allow merchants who use the Ecwid system to take payments via the Telr Payments Hosted Payment Pages. No card details are captured by or stored within the Ecwid system, so there are no PCI requirements for the store.

When the customer selected the Credit Card payment method at the end of the Ecwid checkout screen, they will be taken to the Telr Payments secure server to enter their card details. The result of the purchase attempt (authorised or otherwise) is sent back to the Ecwid system to update the order details. The customer is also returned to the store.


As Ecwid is a fully hosted system, additional payment modules cannot be uploaded. Ecwid does have
support for the Authorize.Net SIM protocol, and the Telr Payments gateway can accept requests
using that method.

In the Ecwid back-office pages, look in Configuration menu and click on “Choose Payment Method”
and select ‘Authorize.Net SIM’.

Now add account details to configure this to use Telr Payments. Enter your Telr Payments Store ID into the API Login ID field.

Enter the payment page secret key (from the payment page configuration within the Telr Payments Merchant Admin System – Integrations – Payment Page V1 – Data Security section - Data integrity secret key ) into both the Transaction Key and MD5 Hash Value fields in Advanced settings. Transaction type must be set to ‘Authorize and Capture’.
Click on Advanced settings, and change the Endpoint URL so that it is set to the following:

Take note of the value given for the ‘Relay Response URL’. You will need this for configuring the payment pages.

Click on ‘Save’ to set these settings for your Ecwid store.

When you are ready to start processing transactions, ensure that the Credit Card option is enabled within the Ecwid payment settings.

An example of the configuration settings is shown on the next page.

Configuring the Hosted Payment Pages

From within the Telr Payments merchant admin system, select the Payment Page menu, and then select Configuration.

You need to ensure that the data security secret key matches the value used in the Ecwid configuration. This key should be a minimum of 8 characters and should not be an easy to guess word. In should be entered into both the Transaction Key and MD5 Hash Value fields in Ecwid.

The Relay Response URL from Ecwid must be entered into the callback fields. The Return URL fields can be left blank.

Ensure that you click ‘Update’ if you make any changes.

For details on customising the payment pages, please refer to the Hosted Payment Pages integration guide.