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Request Parameter

Processing Apple Pay in Web or iOS App

To initiate an Apple Pay transaction, merchants are required to create a payment request and POST it to the specified URL. This process mirrors the current transaction processing flow used by the merchant.


Mandatory Parameters for Processing Apple Pay

ivp_methodcreateSet value as ‘create’
ivp_store15164Your store ID
ivp_authkeycxkwshbs68ejbhV2 Authentication Key
ivp_amount10Transaction amount
ivp_currencyAEDTransaction currency
ivp_test0Test mode indicator
ivp_descDescriptionPurchase description
return_authreturn url for authorised transactionReturn url for authorised transaction
return_declreturn url upon declinedReturn url for declined transaction
return_canreturn url upon cancelledReturn url for cancelled transaction
bill_fnameFirstNameThe customer’s forename plus any other middle names or initials they may have.
bill_snameLastnameCustomer surname (also known as family name)
bill_addr1AddressCustomer address
bill_zip123456Zip code
bill_email[email protected]Email address
ivp_langenPayment Page interface language
ivp_cartCartIDYour reference for the transaction. For example this could be a cart ID or order ID generated by your shopping system. This must be unique for each request. Maximum length is 63 characters.


IFrame functionality is not supported under Configuration 2 and If you are choosing to go ahead with Configuration 2, then you have to utilize Telr’s Hosted Payment Page.

If you wish to use the iFrame payment mode, then we would suggest you to opt for Configuration 1 implementation