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Split Payments

Below is the detailed explanation for the integration and implementing the split payment by merchants through Merchant admin portal.

Sub-Merchant configuration In Merchant Admin:

• Once split payment option is enabled on merchant’s store, they will be able to access ‘Split Payment’ button in Merchant admin “Integrations” page

• Under ‘Split payment’ option merchant will have option to add the ‘Sub Merchant’ (Beneficiary) on their store.

• Merchant will click on ‘Add’ button and provide below details for adding the Sub-Merchant split payment details:

  1. Payout Currency
  2. Payout Method
  3. Beneficiary Type (New and Existing)
  4. Submerchant Name
  5. Split Type (Percentage or Flat)
  6. Split value (exact value for flat split)
  7. Email (Submerchant email ID)
  8. Payout Interval (Weekly and Monthly)
  9. Payout Minimum
  10. Check box for shared details confirmation.

• Percentage charge will be validated while adding sub merchant configuration in Merchant Admin. Value cannot exceed ‘100’, system will not allow entry above 100 unit.

• If the merchant selects the sub-merchant Split type as flat, and the amount exceeds the transaction value, then transaction request will be blocked with an exception.

• After providing the details merchant will click on ‘Add’ button and a system generated mail will be sent to the Sub-Merchant email address (Email provided in the Sub merchant details), which will have Terms and condition link. Once the sub merchant check the terms and condition and they click on ‘Accept’, then they will be redirected to web page which will have a form to provide below details:

  1. Bank Name
  2. Account Name
  3. Account Number
  4. Swift Code
  5. IBAN
  6. Company Type
  7. Emirates ID (No restriction on upload number)
  8. Bank Statement (Restriction to upload only 1 document)
  9. Trade Licence (Restriction to upload only 1 document)
  10. VISA (No restriction on upload number)
  11. Passport (No restriction on upload number)
  12. Enter Code (after clicking on ‘Generate Code’ Sub-Merchant will receive code on their email address. They will enter the code and ‘Verify’, after only verifying the code, they can submit the details)

• Once sub merchant is created, an application is added in "KYC Application" section.

  1. Application ID (Unique ID)
  2. Sub-Merchant Name
  3. Email ID (Sub-Merchant Email ID)
  4. Status

• Merchant will have below 3 buttons on the ‘Split Payment Details’ page in merchant admin:

  1. Add (To add the entry in the system)

  2. KYC Applications (KYC page will show the status of the Sub-Merchant entry)

  1. Add Logo (Merchant can upload their logo to display on the Sub-Merchant Application page)

• After the application get approved from Telr a unique Split ID will be created and will be visible on merchant dashboard with below details.

  1. Split ID (Sub-Merchant Unique ID)
  2. Split Type (Percentage or Flat)
  3. Split Value
  4. Payout currency
  5. Account Name
  6. Payout Account

• Sub-merchant entry “Delete option”: if the merchant opens the split ID, they can see delete option and can De-activate the already created Split-ID with that delete button. (Please check below screen shot)

 User permission for split payment option

• User will require additional permission for Merchant Admin users to provide Split payment option access to the authorised user only.

 Single Sub-Merchant in Single Transaction Request:

• Once the Sub merchant details is added, merchant will have a unique Split ID for different sub merchant on their store. Merchant can pass the single Split ID in the transaction request and the split amount will be settled to the account linked to that ID.

 Split payment in API, Quicklink and E-Invoicing option:

• After creating Sub merchant account, Merchant will be able to see Split ID dropdown option in Quicklink and E-Invoicing creation. For API transaction merchant need to add sub merchant split id in additional parameter “split_id” for activating Split payment for that transaction.

  1. Quicklink:
  1. E-Invoicing:

 Additional Split Payment Parameter in the API request:

Merchant currently integrated with Telr using the Hosted Payment page API guide (V2) can use below additional parameter in the API.

If the request is a type of form, then merchant can use parameter “split_id” in the transaction request.

And for JSON the split parameter will be "splitpayment": { "id": <id_value> }

Merchant must pass Split ID as the value in the split_id parameter, so that our system will identify the Sub-merchant for which the split payment needs to be processed.

Once the transaction is done the split settlement will be processed as per the details provide while creating that Split ID.
Note – Split functionality is un-available for Remote transaction right now.

 Payouts and Split details entries in the system:

• In Accounts section Split payment details column (SplitAmt) is added in the Pending Transactions and Transaction details in account entries.
• ‘SplitAmt’ will display the split value of that transaction allotted to the Sub-Merchant.

• Transaction flow will be a normal transaction flow. After the transaction is completed, transaction details will be added in the Payout history in ‘Accounts’ tab in Merchant Admin.

• Transaction amount will be distributed and settled in Merchant and Sub-Merchant account as per the details added while creating the Split Payment ID.

• Payout fees will be deducted from the primary merchant’s settlement account.

• Depending on the configuration, Payout interval will be monthly or weekly or same as primary merchant. This can be specified during the application creation.